About Us

Global Web and SEO has been providing web services since 2004. Based in New York City, Global Web and SEO serve a global market and have developed web sites for many different industries around the world. We pride ourselves on our ability to exceed your expectations of us.

Just one of the things that we pride ourselves on is our website design, implementation and maintenance. We work very closely with our customers to ensure that what they get is exactly what they want. All our sites are visually appealing, attention grabbing, quick and search engine friendly.

Being search engine friendly means that we use Search Engine Optimization techniques to ensure that you web page is close to the top of the list of websites that big search engines, like Google and Yahoo, return when someone searches for your products or services. This ensures that people visit your site before they visit your competitor's site. This is called driving traffic to your site and has proven very successful in increasing sales for our clients.

We also ensure that your site is attraction, grabs and holds the attention of the visitor and is of high performance to ensure that no customers are lost due to their unwillingness to wait for a page to load. By allowing Global Web and SEO to maintain your website for you we can also ensure that the content of your site is up-to-date and always changing. This ensures that visitors will continue to visit your site again and again.

Other services we offer are custom built applications, database applications and content management system integration (such as Joomla and Wordpress). The staff at Global Web and SEO considers their clients as partners in a business venture. This ensures that they are always efficient, professional and act in your best interests.