Website Development

Developing websites has become a very technical and specific activity, requiring expertise, knowledge, artistic flair and a large dose of common sense. At Global Web and SEO we pride ourselves on having the right combination of all of these attributes to enable us to develop your website to a quality that will exceed your expectations.

At Global Web and SEO we focus on 4 primary concerns when developing websites

Search Engine Friendliness

With the number of websites available, the web surfer is often inundated with options; options that they often cannot choose from. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into effect. SEO increases the rankings of your website so that it appears high up on search results in the most popular search engines like Google or Yahoo. This will help the user find the best available supplier to meet their needs and ensure that you are that supplier.


Web user are notoriously impatient people and they will not wait around whilst your website loads. Global Web and SEO developed websites load quickly and efficiently to ensure that no potential customers are lost. We will help you to ensure that the content you want on your website is available as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Premium web content

Many factors contribute to the concept of premium content. The content must grab the attention of the reader and hold it, it must be easy, fun and interesting to read, it must be relevant and current, it must be always changing to as to encourage the visitor to come back soon and, most importantly, it must provide the answers that the user is looking for quickly and easily. Global Web and SEO understand how the website user thinks and is experienced at writing websites that subscribe to this definition of Premium Web Content.

Customer Interaction

In order for a website to be most productive, the user can be allowed to interact with the company. This is done using a comment section on the article, using interactive email facilities, online chat or a host of other means. Global Web and SEO can ensure that whoever visits your site has a great experience and helps you to meet your objectives.

We have many success stories throughout the world and this is due to our collective knowledge and expertise in Website Development.