E-Commerce Website Development

E-Commerce is, in its simplest form, conducting financial transactions online instead of in person. E-commerce began in the 1970’s as electronic data interchange and became more acceptable in the 1980’s with telephone banking and credit cards. However, it wasn’t until the 1990’s and later that the true potential of e-commerce was uncovered. E-commerce has now expended to incorporate online banking, shopping, trading stocks, auctions and even buying airplane tickets. In fact, almost every transaction that you can imagine can now also be done online.

As e-commerce becomes more and more popular in global markets, companies who cannot offer these services to their clients are missing a huge market. Research has proven that online payment options are quickly becoming a key decision area in the buying decision of many shoppers.

Global Web and SEO is experienced in developing e-commerce solutions for a wide variety of markets and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver user friendly and secure solutions to our customers. By working with Global Web and SEO, you can ensure that your business is part of a global phenomenon, which is valued at billions of dollars each year. Global Web and SEO is your best choice for e-commerce website development as our knowledge and expertise is the best, and our many happy and successful clients have proved this.

E-commerce is a truly global facility. By implementing e-commerce and online sales, your business will open itself up to a huge market. Instead of just being city or state wide, your business can progress to being national or even internationally acceptable. Online transacting increases your target market exponentially and all of this can be facilitated quickly and efficiently.

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