Web Hosting

Many companies do not have a core competency in anything to do with online technology and, frankly, why would they want to? Although websites are a great way to increase business and to get your message out to the people, most companies think it is too much hassle. These companies will benefit the most from a partnership with Global Web and SEO.

We will not only design and develop the perfect website for you but we can also maintain it for you and even host it from our own servers. This is the ultimate in hassle free websites for any business. Whether you sell computer components or garden services, a website is a good idea to promote your business.

The benefits to your company to hosting your website at Global Web and SEO are many. The key benefits are as follows...

Guaranteed uptime

Make sure that you site is always accessible to the public by ensure that your host is always online.

Backup and recovery

Ensure that you never lose important data by allowing us to maintain your backup and disaster recovery processes. Should the worst come to worse, your website will not be compromised.

High performance

One of the most important issues when it comes to websites is performance. Web users are notoriously impatient people and are unlikely to stay on your site waiting for the page to load. Hosting with Global Web and SEO will guarantee that your site has sufficient bandwidth to meet the requirements of many users.

We consider your website a priority and by allowing us to host your site, we will take full responsibility for the well being of your online presence. Hosting you site with us will ensure that your site is always current, always efficient and always accessible to the public.

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