Website Maintenance

Research has proven that here are three main keys to a successful website. These are...

Content must be relevant and up to date

As time changes so does your requirements change for you website. These changes may be as a result of changes is the wants and needs of your target demographic or as a result of changes in your goods and services or even and enforced changes as a result of changes in the industry.

Content must be constantly changing to promote revisits

Websites that do not change quickly become tired and boring and people will stop visiting. By changing the online content of your site regularly, visitors to your site will be encouraged to visit again in the future to see what has changed and what is new and exciting.


With the advent of Web 2.0, or the interactive web, people are becoming more and more used to being able to interact with websites. This interaction could be as simple as an integration of the Facebook “Like” button but other means, such as providing a place to make comment, forums and blogs, are becoming increasingly popular. Of course, interactivity is a reciprocal relationship and, should a user leave a comment or request some information, be sure to respond quickly and effectively.

We made it our mission to ensure that we keep up to date with these changing trends and requirements in web development and, by trusting us with maintaining your website, you can be sure that these trends will be implemented into your websites as well. A well maintained website can be a very successful asset for a company and a well maintained site can help drive traffic (visitors) to your site and customers to your business. A well run website can become very popular and web users are not shy to promote or criticize particular sites so make sure that, when people talk about your site, they do so in a way that promotes others to visit as well.

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